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Among all the hair extensions salons in the Big Apple, we attract hair extension customers from all over the country and world, let alone from all over the Tri-State area. We offer the hottest styles great coloring and cuts with quality of care at New York Hair Extensions. We offer a wide range of the most popular and most advanced hair extension methods but we stick with using the best quality hair as most clients want that. There are many types and manufacturers but from our experience it's the quality of the hair and the hair extension specialist knowledge and experience and the quality of the hair extensions that is most important. Here is a partial list of some of the techniques we offer:

Hair Extension Pricing can range from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars depending of the brand of hair and technique used, we have a price that will fit almost anyone's budget!

Great Lengths hair extensions. This method is based on the principle of 'modulating', a gentle procedure that involves attaching the extension strand to your own hair. We use polymer chains whose molecular structure is a lot like human hair. A special applicator joins the strands with your own hair. This method uses only the best quality hair available and is easy to install and remove.

Hairlocs™ hair extensions. This technique is similar to the micro-cylinder method. There is no heat, glue or polymer used in this process and the tubes are slightly larger and shaped differently than the micro-cylinder.

Microchet hair extensions. This is one of the most recent innovations in hair extension technology characterized by a thread almost invisible to the naked eye. It’s very easy and quick to attach and involves no stress or damage to your real hair. In fact, Microchet extensions and are so light and comfortable you’ll hardly even feel them. The attachment used is small enough it can be applied on even the thinnest hair types and on the temples, the middle of the scalp, and the forehead or where other hair extension systems will not work. Microchet uses only high quality human hair.

FLhair™ Xtensions strand by strand. This process belongs to the Remy hair extensions category and uses a specially designed micro-cylinder shell. The shells that are used are small, very light weight and strong. The interiors are coated with a special Silicone compound protecting the hair from any compression-related stress. The outer shell is also color coordinated to match the color of your own hair. This results are strong yet gentle hair connections that are virtually invisible. One of the most unique characteristics is all of the Remy Hair Strands are prepared with a shell and a threader attached. This method can be used to add length and volume to almost all types of hair excluding medical hair loss.

Simplicity Hair Extensions. This procedure usually tales less than 30 minutes and uses a special liner tape. Simplicity hair extensions are ideal for adding length, volume, highlights, and bangs and are common in New York hair salons. This method uses only high quality human hair, and the extensions are available in pre-cut lengths in more than 30 different colors.

At hair extensions NY we care for your hair just as much as you do. NY Hair extensions is the place to get the hair you deserve without the hassle of driving into the Manhattan. Hair extensions NY are located in the heart of the Gold Coast of New York in an upscale atmosphere. We have a top certified hair extension specialist that is wanted by everyone once they see the results they can achieve with our NY hair extensions. We cater to Long Island Hair Extensions, NYC Hair Extensions, NY Hair Extensions, Hair Extensions NY and anyone willing to travel a little for the best hair extensions!

Hair Extension Manufacturers and Methods:

Glue-Bonded Hair Extensions NON-Glued Bonded Attached To Hair Base Flattracks
  • D'Vine Lengths
  • So.Cap. USA Hair Extensions
  • Originasl Socap Hair Extensions
  • Unique VIP Rinex Hair Extensions
  • Cinderella Hair Extensions
  • Ultratress Hair Extensions
  • Mega Hair Extensions
  • Ultra Strands Hairextensions
  • Microchet Hair Extensions
  • Racoon Hair Extensions
  • Donna Bella Hairextensions
  • Great Lengths Hair Extensions
  • Invisible Hair Extensions

  • Donna Bella hair extensions
  • TemBond™ Hair Extension System
  • HairXtend hair extensions
  • Unique VIP Tubex extensions
  • Hairlocs™ hair extensions
  • Micro-cylinder hairextension
  • Microchet hair extensions
  • Invisible Strands hairextension
  • ProHair ExtensionsFLhair™ Xtensions strand by strand
  • Handmade Weft Hair Extensions 1 Piece

  • Simplicity Hair Extensions
  • Keraloc © hair extensions
  • Glam hairextensions
  • Hotheads Hairwear Extensions
  • Unique VIP Tapex extensions
  • Bonded and Bond hair extensions
  • Braid and Braided hair extensions
  • Weaved hair extensions

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