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I'm a dancer and female entertainer/bikini model and found Mercedes through another model from a major agency in NYC. I decided to add lot's of length to my hair. I must say I'm surprised how well my extensions hold up. I'm constantly moving around on stage and my hair gets touched often. I will go back to her and recommend Mercedes to all my model friends and dancers. She is wonderful and my hair is HOT and SEXY. Thanks Angelina!

I met Mercedes through a friend in Old Brookville, NY who had hair extensions done by her. I started with only a few pieces and now feel confident when I want to add volume and length, I chose to use Great Lengths hair extensions as the quality of hair is excellent. thank you Katie.

I recenlty had a wedding in Glen Cove, NY and was referred to Mercedes, she was able to schedule me in at the salon and I must say my hair was beautfiul for my special day. She is now my stylist close to home so I nolonger have to go to the new york city for my hair. My best, Nancy

I live in Muttontown, NY and goto Paragon Salonin Greenvale a few miles away. I used to go to manhattan to do my hair until I sat with Mercedes just 1 time. I was convinced I nolonger needed to go to NYC, She is now my personalhair stylist in long island. Gale

Visiting from Montreal, Canada I searched the internet to find a hair extension specialist to fix my hair as I had a bad job before my trip. I was lucky to find Mercedes, she fixed the bonds and added some extra hair. Michelle

I was looking to get a professional private stylist to come to my home on occasion in Locust Valley, NY in such short notice, she helped me dearly in time of need and my event went well, she is now my personal stylist. Sharron F.

I was looking for a hair extension specialist in Long Island for weeks and finally found Mercedes from NY HAir Extension. I couldn't find a hair extension specialist in Mill Neck, NY where I live so I called a few salons and was refered by another salon to Mercedes, she was able to come to my home for a consultation and now my sisteer and I are her client forever, she is great and my hair looks beautiful. Marcy

Mercedes, You are the best, my hair looks and feels amazing. I decided to use great lengths and wow I'm so happy, you made my summer, now it's time to celebrate! Jennifer... 

Hair Extensions is what I needed and wow I have never known what hair extensions can do for your look, I'm amazed I only needed a few bundles of great lengths hair extensions and let me tell you, I'm so happy that I met Mercedes is a doll and knows HAIR! Stacy xoxo

Brazilian hair straightening worked great on my hair, Mercedes booked me in for a few hours and when I left the salonI was a new woman. Christine
I gained my confidence back after losing hair over the last few years. Hair extensions are the way to go. I have tried another hair extension salon but within a few weeks they started to fall apart. I then was referred and consulted with Mercedes with NY Hair Extensions to touch up and maintain. I’m so happy and will stay with her for all my hair needs. Mercedes please come to my party this summer you are the cutest thing with lots of class!

I wanted to get hair extensions in the privacy of my home in Old Westbury, NY and I called a few salons in the city they wanted to charge me $500.00 just to come to my home and $200.00 just for a consultation. I called the all my friends and was finally referred to Mercedes, she not only was reasonable in price, my hair is outstanding. Regards, Sharleny

I have known Mercedes for many years, and all I can say is that she is one hell of a hair stylist and hair extension specialist. I have flown her to parties and met her in different cities. I’m addicted to my hair and she is my specialist. Thanks, Myra

We are helping to plan a friend’s wedding and were looking for a hair stylist that would be able to work a package for hair extensions, coloring, styling and the new Brazilian straitening for a few of the girls in the wedding party on the east end of Long Island. One of us lives in Old Westbury and the others in NYC. We decided to choose one location and that is Paragon Salon in Greenvale, NY, we loved Mercedes we now chosen her to be our personal stylist. I wanted to test her before I brought my friends and did the Brazilian straightening; wow my hair is HOT, ready in time for my summer parties and 4th of July. I thought it would be hard to change my colorist and hair stylist but after meeting her it’s like I will never look back. Toni

Professional hair coloring and styling typically costs more in NYC and dealing with the hassles of taking the train into Manhattan or driving with limited parking has always made it a project for me. I always thought I had to go to Manhattan since I wanted the best for my hair, boy was I wrong!

I have learned about Paragon Salon and in Greenvale, NY in the gold coast of Long Island exit 39N on the LIE is the place to go. Anthony has all the latest techniques and top products for coloring and Mercedes is so far one of the best hair extension specialist I have ever worked with. I was paying the same price for Great Lengths Hair Extensions in NYC now with a better stylist and no city hassle. I highly recommend them. I would put some pictures and a video on her but since I’m a television professional I wanted to keep a low profile. Lynn

I just had my hair extensions put in with Mercedes from NY Hair Extensions, she is awesome. My husband is really excited to see a new me and I'm proud of my hair. I was always bothered with my hair due to the lack of volume and shortness. I had my color with Anthony, this team at Paragon Salon and Mercedes with NY Hair Extensions are great, I used to travel from the Hamptons in the summers to NYC but since we found through referral Paragon salon in Brookville, Easy Hills area on the north shore of Long Island, my friends and I never have to travel to the city again, only to shop sometimes. I would refer anyone that is serious about their hair, whether a cut or style and hair extensions with Mercedes or an amazing color with Anthony. These guys are wonderful. Exit 39N on LIE. I even took the train once the LIRR is 2 blocks away from the Greenvale train station. Samantha

I have known Mercedes for over 9 years. She is an extremely professional hair stylist and cosmetologist. Her expertise is highly admirable. She is very knowledgeable in the latest in human hair extensions, trendy haircuts and hair styles and has a charming personality. Many Thanks, Christina

Mercedes is well trained and innovative with hair. My family has difficult hair and she has performed beautiful miracles with my daughter’s hair which is extremely coarse, curly and frizz Great Lengths hair extensions have gave her so much confidence we are truly amazed at what she has done with her hair and my new daughter’s attitude with her looks. We thank you very much and will see you when we need hair extension maintenance! Thanks, Tammy

Wow, I long my hair extensions! I feel great, look younger sexier and everyone noticed I'm a little more confident. I started losing my hair in my late 20's and have been using hair extensions with Mercedes for about 6 years and I just love them. Regards, Gina L. So happy!

I set up a hair extension consultation with Mercedes at Paragon Salon on a Thursday and we decided to put in 18” inch great lengths hair extensions. I made my appointment for Saturday and 2 days later I had a new look that I only dreamed about. I love my hair extensions! I thought it my hair would feel and look fake but the texture is so natural and she explained everything I needed to know about caring for my human hair extensions, I thank you so much Mercedes, my friends will be coming to you for sure once they see me at the party tonight. Many Thanks, Joanna

When my friends and I decided to put in hair extensions we researched the various hair extension brands and we have felt we would try great lengths hair extensions so we called a few salons and selected Paragon hair salon in Greenvale, NY we set up an appointment with Mercedes and she was able to make my friends and I comfortable with the idea of putting in hair extensions. Now all I receive is compliments on my new look and getting questioned about what I had done. All I can say is it is one of the best experiences I have had and Mercedes is great stylist and hair extension specialist. I now have 3 friends that have extensions and it seems that all our spirits are lifted… You’re the best! Stacey, Jill and Toni the “Gold Coast Girls”.

Dear Mercedes, Thank you very much for your hair talents. I get compliments all the time I have been with you since 1997 and always feel thrilled when you fix me up with my new hair extensions and style. What a wonderful feeling have a stylist that understands my difficult hair and brings out the best in my. Thx, Melissa.

I have been getting hair extensions for almost 4 years by Mercedes. She is the best!!!! When she moved to Florida I was devastated. I tried someone else but she just couldn't get it right. Mercedes came up from Florida for me so I would look my best. I am addicted to my extensions. I have never had long hair in my life. As soon as it grew a little long, I would have to cut it so it wouldn't look so straggly. Now with extensions I have long luscious hair. I love Mercedes!!!!!!!!!!! Karen B.

NY Hair Extensions was the best place I have gone for hair extensions in 5 years, our stylist was very professional as well as well versed with hair, Anthony did my coloring and Mercedes did me and my friends hair she used great lengths hair extensions. We are happy with the quality and look. Hair extensions are worth every penny, sorry Mercedes but I didn't want to put up a photo as I'm sort of a celebrity in New York and don't want to let my competition know my beauty secrets let alone get their hands on one of the best hair stylist and hair extension specialist in Long Island, NY. Warm Thanks, Victoria and Val.

Paragon Salon and New York Hair Extensions are a great team, my daughter and I had a wedding and we worked it out where we had hair extensions installed in a private location as well as on site at the wedding for makeup and styling, once I get the photos we will gladly put them on your website. Thx, Stacy

For those who are considering hair extensions or trying a new beauty stylist. Mercedes is a great person to work with. I met her through a referral and I must say it was well worth it, easy to get to Paragon Salon-New York Hair Extensions exit 39 North on the Long Island Expressway 1 block north of 25A. All I can say is wow my hard to manage wavy hair is long, full and scrumptious! Michelle.

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